christina3Are you my boyfriend?

That’s a question I used to think almost every time I met (or saw) a guy. When you’re single and seeking companionship, it’s natural to be curious when you encounter a potential partner.

But looking for love can be stressful, and even though I believe we’re all kids at heart, that doesn’t make dating child’s play.

So I wrote a fun picture book story to help us feel better. Are You My Boyfriend? is a parody of a classic children’s book with instantly relatable characters and spot-on, Dr. Seuss-style illustrations from Simon Greiner. It’s a humorous approach to a topic that sometimes feels awfully serious, and I’m delighted to share it with anyone who’s ever rolled their eyes at romance.

I’ve been playing with words since I was a kid in a small Texas town, and after earning a journalism degree at Northwestern University I moved from Chicago to New York in pursuit of a publishing career. I’ve worked as a writer and editor ever since and my favorite subjects to explore include self-care, relationships, mindfulness, and how physiology affects our happiness.

I hope you’ll enjoy Are You My Boyfriend? and if you have a relationship story to share, please submit it on the Your Stories page…I love hearing how couples met, why you know someone isn’t your match, what makes you think they could be, and anything else #AYMBF related!

– Christina B. Bryza