AYMBF launch event

Book party!

I’m not sure which is more exciting—the fact that #AYMBF is on sale, or that the celebration involves storytime and cookies!…


Ellen’s #AYMBF moment

Ellen had been dating Todd for a few months and they’d never had a DTR talk, which was fine, except for the part where Todd was about to move cross-country…

image for One Week Till Pub post

Author update: One week till pub!

WHOA HOLY WOW, I can’t believe Are You My Boyfriend? is officially on sale in just one week.

What's Your #AYMBF Moment?

Everyone has an #AYMBF moment: that time you spotted a cute guy across the room and thought "maybe he's the one!" Or that date you went on with the dude who definitely wasn't. Or the meet-cute tale of how you ended up with your mate. However you've looked for love, we want to know!