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The Daily News does #AYMBF

Unlike other picture book parodies, #AYMBF offers hope and comfort along with humor.

AYMBF Date Report

#AYMBF on The Date Report

Are you the right kind of reject? Did you even know there WAS such a thing? Lucky for us, there really is.


B.J. Novak + AYMBF?!?

I’m not saying it’s significant that B.J. Novak is right next to the listing for the #AYBMF launch event. But then again, it’s not NOT significant…

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Get a behind-the-scenes peek at #AYMBF inspiration, plus a chance to win a free copy of your own!

What's Your #AYMBF Moment?

Everyone has an #AYMBF moment: that time you spotted a cute guy across the room and thought "maybe he's the one!" Or that date you went on with the dude who definitely wasn't. Or the meet-cute tale of how you ended up with your mate. However you've looked for love, we want to know!