#AYMBF + The New York Times!

Grown-up picture books are becoming a bit of a “thing,” and #AYMBF has joined the ranks!

Marie Claire AYMBF

Marie Claire <3s #AYMBF

The staff of Marie Claire posted a cover pic on Instagram and it got more than 2,400 likes in less than 24 hours.

Hairpin #AYMBF image

#AYMBF in The Hairpin

Author Christina “C. B.” Bryza chats with The Hairpin’s Jen Doll about dating, romance, and all things #AYMBF.

Acceptance. Forgiveness. Gratitude. These are the tools that make rejection worthwhile.

#AYMBF on HuffPo

You can totally handle rejection in a way that doesn’t crush your self-esteem or trap you in the past. Promise.

What's Your #AYMBF Moment?

Everyone has an #AYMBF moment: that time you spotted a cute guy across the room and thought "maybe he's the one!" Or that date you went on with the dude who definitely wasn't. Or the meet-cute tale of how you ended up with your mate. However you've looked for love, we want to know!